Vocal LT: Top Line

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Vocal LT was created in a live presentation in Panama City, having received a Grammy nomination in 1995 and two Prizes from the Sociedad Contemporánea de Música A Capella. Its Director, Carlos Alberto Díaz Laportilla is a former member of Sampling vocal group. Although at the beginning the musical profile of Vocalité --as its name shows"was based essentially on the human voice, now many of their musical themes have a fine accompaniment because besides being singers, most of its members are oustanding instrumentalists. Their CD Top Line, recorded by the Cuban seal BIS Music, shows that the vocal sections are not limited to a typical choral arrangement, but rather they aimed at rescueing the purely musical qualities of the human voice, to the point that one of their best moments is the reproduction "a capella, of course-- of the sounds of the different instruments of the "Cuban orchestra". The work of Carlos Díaz as director of this group of Cuban young musicians has been decisive, because besides being a composer and a choreographer, he also makes musical arrangements. He was born in Sagua La Grande, in Las Villas province, studied percussion at the Escuela Nacional de Música and due to his musical background, joined several jazz and son groups. Currently Vocalité has a new format, incorporating acoustic instruments that enrich their work and enlarge their scenic presentations, always preserving, however, the essence of the vocal work.